Chinampa: Raised-bed hydrological agriculture

Note: Following is a paper I wrote years ago (2006), when I first became interested in the history, evolution, and eventual Spanish-inflicted decline of Aztec Chinampa agriculture. The essay draws […]

Article: The Chinampa: An Agricultural System that Utilizes Aquatic Plants

Interesting, brief article describing the aquatic plants related to the pre-Colombian Chinampa agricultural system: Follow link to download full PDF: The Chinampa – An Agricultural System that Utilizes Aquatic Plants […]

Article: Glimpsing prehistory in today’s Amazon rainforest

Here’s a snippet from a recent article in Popular Archaeology exploring the contemporary plight of Amazonian peoples and going further to pose the question: “how does the knowledge of the […]

Scientists laser-scan Amazon for evidence of ancient civilizations…

This recent article from the BBC discusses a project that uses drones to laser-scan the amazon to detect anthropogenic landforms / earthworks, evidence of ancient civilizations in the Amazon – the most expansive wilderness […]


Following is a list of plant species I work with. The list mostly consists of species from around the world, typically those species I have encountered while living, traveling and […]