Loss of forests reduces rain…

I though this conclusion had been accepted a long time ago… I guess it never hurts to double check.

(From www.leeds.ac.uk)

Deforestation can have a significant effect on tropical rainfall, new research confirms. The findings have potentially devastating impacts for people living in and near the Amazon and Congo forests.

A team from the University of Leeds and the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology found that for the majority of the Earth’s tropical land surface, air passing over extensive forests produces at least twice as much rain as air passing over little vegetation. In some cases these forests increased rainfall thousands of kilometres away.

By combining observational data with predictions of future deforestation, the researchers estimate that destruction of tropical forests would reduce rain across the Amazon basin by up to a fifth (21 per cent) in the dry season by 2050. The study is published today in Nature….

“Our study implies that deforestation of the Amazon and Congo forests could have catastrophic consequences for the people living thousands of kilometres away in surrounding countries.”

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  1. These results are shocking. I was drawn to read the article partly because I’m a Visiting Fellow at Leeds, but it turned out that I don’t personally know any of the authors. But the paper’s in Nature! Well done this team!

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