Ethnobotany Blog: Sylvan Institute of Botanical Medicine

Here’s a link to an Ethnobotany blog I have recently become aware of… Sylvan Institute of Botanical Medicine.

Here is a brief description of Sylvan Institute of Botanical Medicine, quoted from the site:

Sylvan Institute’s mission is to advance into the future those professions that include clinical botanical medicine as a modality. We at Sylvan Institute aim to deliver high-quality education that integrates the practical applications of medicinal plants from around the world by offering students web-based and hands on course work.

Our vision is to educate health care professionals including Chinese medical practitioners, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, Western herbalists, pharmacists, nurses, and anyone else who aims to use plants to alleviate suffering by providing both depth and breadth of information.

We’re excited to have an opportunity to access practitioners we’ve long respected and to offer them a means of delivering detailed perspectives and protocols to a larger audience than they might otherwise have the opportunity to deliver as well as finally coaxing some of our favorite herbalists into the spotlight. Thus, this website is a website of herbalists and for herbalists, a venue for us to share information and resources.

Included in all of the above, the Institute aims to bring awareness to issues of stewardship of medicinal plants, as well as the cultures from which they come, and educate our readers and listeners about issues of sustainability, conservation, and cultivation.


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