: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature

Bombacaceae, Pachira (Bombacopsis) glabra, Saba nut, American chestnut

Originating in Mexico, Guiana, and¬† northern Brazil, Pachira glabra is similar looking and closely related to Pachira aquatica, the Malabar chestnut. Despite its origins in America, I took most of […]

Arecaceae, Areca catechu, Betel nut, Paaku, Pinang, arequier (French), Betelnusspalme (German), avellana d’India (Italian)

Areca seeds are ingested as “betel”, a combination of leaves of Piper betle, slices of fresh seed and lime (to convert alkaloids to their freebase). Betel has been enjoyed for […]

Sterculiaceae, Theobroma cacao, chocolate, cacao – Panama

There’s a lot that can be said about this species. Some of the latin synonyms are:¬†Cacao guianensis Aubl., Cacao minus Gaertn., Cacao sativa Aubl., Theobroma caribaea Sweet, Theobroma interregima Stokes, […]

Sterculiaceae, Cola nitida, Kola

The seeds, or nuts, of Cola have been chewed since ancient times in West Africa for their stimulant properties. C. acuminata is indigenous to Congo, Nigeria, and Gabon, while C. […]

Lecythidaceae, Lecythis zabucajo, Sapucaia Nut, Monkey Pot, Sapucaio

Monkey Pot, or Olla del Mono, is a term to describe not only L. zabucajo, but a number of other closely related species, including: Lecythis elliptica, Lecythis grandiflora, and Lecythis […]