: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature

Guttiferaceae (Clusiaceae) , Garcinia braziliensis, bakupari, bacupari, bacupari-miudo, bacuparizinho

The bakupari, native to dry tropical forests of S. America, is regularly cultivated in domestic orchards of southeast Brazil. It is also commonly found growing wild in the Amazon, the […]

Malvaceae, Hibiscus acetosella, cranberry hibiscus – Panama

Also known as ‘False Roselle’, this species, related to tree cotton, bele, and saril, has striking edible red leaves. Cranberry hibiscus is nematode and insect resistant and does well in sandy […]

Amaranthaceae, Alternathera sissoo, sissoo spinach, samba lettuce

Sissoo spinach, also called samba lettuce, is a vigorous perennial groundcover. The leaves are pleasantly crunchy, slightly more so then the temperate climate spinach. When consumed in large quantities it is suggested that they […]