: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature

Bignoniaceae, Crescentia alata, Calabash tree, Tecomate, Jicaro – Mexico

Below are some photos I took of Crescentia alata, commonly referred to in English as the Calabash tree, and as Tecomate, Jicaro, or Jicara in Spanish. The tree native range […]

Meliaceae, Swietenia humilis, Pacific Coast Mahogany, Mexican Mahogany, Caoba – Jalisco, Mexico

Swietenia humilis, the Pacific Coast Mahogany… Other names include: zopilote, zapaton, venadillo, gateado, cobano, coabilla, caoba del Pacifico. S. humilis is a medium sized deciduous tree, growing 15 – 20 m […]