: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature

Wild asparagus and a (toxic ?) look-alike – Montenegro

  Yesterday afternoon I spotted a few emerging wild asparagus shoots while walking through an olive grove. Wild asparagus is classified as Asparagus prostratus and thought to be a separate […]

Solanaceae, Hyoscyamus albus, white henbane, diskiamos (modern Greek), dontochorton (Cyprus), sikran (Morocco), yellow henbane

The genus Hyoscyamus consists of about 20 species, all of which contain powerful narcotic tropane alkaloids, including scopolamine and hyoscyamine. (I photographed this growing out of an abandoned doorway in […]

Capparaceae, Capparis spinosa (?), Caper – Greece

I believe this is Capparis spinosa, which I photographed growing out of a rock wall in Greece, however it could be C. orientalis. Other close relatives include C. aegyptia and […]

Traditional Entheogenic and Intoxicating Substances in the Mediterranean Area

Speech of Dr. Josep Maria Fericgla in the International Conference on Entheogenic substances in San Francisco, USA, in 1996. Dr. Josep MÂȘ Fericgla MGS-Universitat de Barcelona Societat d’Etnopsicologia Aplicada i […]

Elaeagnaceae, Elaeagnus ebbingei, Oleaster, Silverberry

Apparently this is a very useful and highly versatile plant. I’ve just recently become acquainted with it working in Montenegro. The plant is nitrogen fixing, meaning its roots have a […]

Apiaceae, Crithmum maritimum, Rock Samphire, Samphire – Balkans, E. Europe

Crithmum maritimum, an edible and medicinal member of the Apiaceae family, with such relatives as celery and fennel, among many others. The stems have been described as having a pleasent, […]

Araliaceae, Hedera helix, Ivy

Hedera helix, Ivy, or Common Ivy, is native to Europe, the Mediterranean, and East Asia. Today there exist many horticultural varieties. The Ivy plant is a woody climber with creeping […]