: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature

Forest Farming video, presented by the University of Missouri

Here’s a fantastic video on forest farming (by University of Missouri) that I found on the blog Farming the Woods. I tried to re-blog it via Reader but for some […]

Meliaceae, Swietenia humilis, Pacific Coast Mahogany, Mexican Mahogany, Caoba – Jalisco, Mexico

Swietenia humilis, the Pacific Coast Mahogany… Other names include: zopilote, zapaton, venadillo, gateado, cobano, coabilla, caoba del Pacifico. S. humilis is a medium sized deciduous tree, growing 15 – 20 m […]

Agroforestry in Gabon, West Africa

Here’s an interesting article by J. Leroy Deval and Faustin Legault discussing the importance of integrating agroforestry systems with wood-processing cottage industries in rural Gabon, — Establishment of forest villages […]

The tree behind the forest: ecological and economic importance of traditional agroforestry systems and multiple uses of trees in India

The tree behind the forest: ecological and economic importance of Quick View PDF | Download PDF Free PDF Download – plantation systems, etc. In recent times, many of these agroforestry […]

World Environment Day Report: Carbon Capture and Storage Nature’s Way MEXICO CITY, Mexico, June 5, 2009 (ENS) – Increasing investments in the conservation, rehabilitation and management of forests, peatlands, […]