: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature

Convolvulaceae, Ipomoea aquatica, water spinach, bwere-mlungu (Chonyl), balanbal (Somali), chamarirobia (Sanya)

The prostrate, much-branched Ipomoea aquatica is a plant associated with wetlands, as the latin species name would indicate. The dirty green stems are hollow and fleshy with white sap, growing […]

Malvaceae, Hibiscus acetosella, cranberry hibiscus – Panama

Also known as ‘False Roselle’, this species, related to tree cotton, bele, and saril,¬†has striking edible red leaves. Cranberry hibiscus is nematode and insect resistant and does well in sandy […]

Amaranthaceae, Celosia argentea, Quail Grass

Considered to be one of the most attractive¬†of all vegetable crops, celosia is used as an ornamental almost everywhere on earth. But few of its millions of admirers know that […]

Fabaceae (Papilionaceae), Lablab purpureus, Lablab

Lablab is a climbing perennial vine with thick foliage. Numerous flowers are born on a long inflorescence and can vary in color, typically purple or cream with purple. The fruit […]