: of, relating to, or resulting from the influence of human beings on nature

Guttiferaceae (Clusiaceae) , Garcinia braziliensis, bakupari, bacupari, bacupari-miudo, bacuparizinho

The bakupari, native to dry tropical forests of S. America, is regularly cultivated in domestic orchards of southeast Brazil. It is also commonly found growing wild in the Amazon, the […]

Malpighiaceae, Banisteriopsis caapi, Yage, Ayahuasca

Hallucinogens, also called psychedelics, or entheogens, have been used since prehistoric times in the practice of healing and divination (Stuart, R 2004). Ayahuasca is a powerful plant hallucinogen employed by […]

Annonaceae, Rollinia deliciosa (mucosa), biriba

Biriba can be found growing in the wild in the islands of the Caribbean and in northern South America, now more commonly found in cultivation. It is most widely cultivated […]