Sapindaceae, Koelreuteria paniculata, Golden Rain Tree, Varnish Tree

Koelreuteria paniculata is native to East Asia (China and Korea), however I took these photos in Athens, Greece and have seen the tree in Marin County, north of SF in […]

Sapindaceae, Melicoccus bijugatus, Mamoncillo, Spanish lime

Native to the Caribbean islands, Colombia, Venezuela, and parts of Central America, the Spanish Lime, (Mamoncillo, as it is more commonly called) is widely enjoyed throughout these regions, but practically […]

Sapindaceae, Blighia sapida, Akee, Seso Vegetal

Akee is native to and widely cultivated on the East coast of Africa. The English brought it from there to their colonies in the Caribbean where it is now well […]


Here’s a list-in-progress of plant families, ordered alphabetically. Click a family name and the link will take you to a page listing corresponding entries. I am in the process up […]


Following is a list of plant species I work with. The list mostly consists of species from around the world, typically those species I have encountered while living, traveling and […]