Arecaceae, Washingtonia filifera – Zappio park, Athens, Greece

I took these photos of massive, old Washingtonia filifera palms growing in Zappio park, Athens (just off Syntagma square and Parliament). The tree is native to California and other parts […]

Arecaceae, Mauritia flexuosa, Moriche Palm, Ité

M. flexuosa is a South American palm, occurring naturally across a large area of the northern regions, east of the Andes Mountains, including all of Amazonia except its most eastern […]

Arecaceae, Areca catechu, Betel nut, Paaku, Pinang, arequier (French), Betelnusspalme (German), avellana d’India (Italian)

Areca seeds are ingested as “betel”, a combination of leaves of Piper betle, slices of fresh seed and lime (to convert alkaloids to their freebase). Betel has been enjoyed for […]


Here’s a list-in-progress of plant families, ordered alphabetically. Click a family name and the link will take you to a page listing corresponding entries. I am in the process up […]


Following is a list of plant species I work with. The list mostly consists of species from around the world, typically those species I have encountered while living, traveling and […]