Capparaceae, Capparis spinosa (?), Caper – Greece

I believe this is Capparis spinosa, which I photographed growing out of a rock wall in Greece, however it could be C. orientalis. Other close relatives include C. aegyptia and […]

Araceae, Dieffenbachia seguine, Spotted Dumb Cane

Dumbcane is a very common ornamental plant, typically relied upon for interior decoration by people who have little ability or interest in actually caring for their plants. Dumbcane is easy […]


Here’s a list-in-progress of plant families, ordered alphabetically. Click a family name and the link will take you to a page listing corresponding entries. I am in the process up […]


Following is a list of plant species I work with. The list mostly consists of species from around the world, typically those species I have encountered while living, traveling and […]