Anacardiaceae, Pistacia lentiscus, Mastic tree – Chios Island, Greece

Pistacia lentiscus is a member of the Anacardiaceae family, relative of such well-known food crops as Mango, Cashew and Pistachio. P. lentiscus is a shrub or tree that grows in […]

Anacardiaceae, Pseudospondias microcarpa, Offass – Gabon, Central West Africa

Related to Mango, Cashew, and Pistacio (among other notable species). Pseudospondias microcarpa is known in English as African Grape. The species is distributed throughout countries of Central West Africa, including […]


Here’s a list-in-progress of plant families, ordered alphabetically. Click a family name and the link will take you to a page listing corresponding entries. I am in the process up […]


Following is a list of plant species I work with. The list mostly consists of species from around the world, typically those species I have encountered while living, traveling and […]