Bad weather exposes 300 million year tree fossils in Spain…

High wind and heavy rain in Spain recently washed away sand on a beach, exposing “perfectly preserved” fossils of 300 million year old trees. See article and a link below:

Rain in Spain unearths fossilised trees that predate dinosaurs

A recent spate of appalling weather in northern Spain has led to the discovery of perfectly preserved fossilized trees, which scientists believe could be 300 million years old – a period well before dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

While the unusually intemperate climate has caused chaos for locals and holidaymakers, the high winds and heavy rain that struck the Cantabrian coast last week have washed away huge amounts of sand, unearthing the remains of the trees, which scientists have hailed as a significant find.

Describing the trees as being “perfectly preserved”, Miguel Arbizu, a professor of paleontology at the nearby University of Oviedo, told Spain’s 20 Minutos newspaper that they date back to the Stephanian stage, a period that predates most of the dinosaurs we know about today.

“You can see the trunk and roots in the subsoil that date back 300 million years,” said Professor Arbizu. By contrast, the famed Tyrannosaurus rex is known to have lived during the Cretaceous period, between 66 million and 68 million years ago.

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