Bombacaceae, Pachira aquatica, Guinea chestnut, Apompo – Mexico

Pachira aquatica is a medium size tree native to tropical wetlands of Central and South America. Its native habitat tends to be seasonally flooded lowlands or swamps, however it is adaptable to a wide range of tropical environments. The large, oblong fruit is full of large seeds which taste reminiscent of peanuts, and can be eaten raw, cooked, or ground into flour to make bread. The leaves and flowers are also edible.

Pachira aquatica is closely related to Pachira glabra (saba nut). Here’s a number of previous posts related to the Bombacaceae family. 

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Bombacaceae, Pachira aquatica, tree

SCW_7205Bombacaceae, Pachira aquatica, leaf

Bombacaceae, Pachira aquatica,  fruit, seedpod

Bombacaceae, Pachira aquatica, fruit, cross section

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  1. Yes, it’s a lovely tree, and there are a few here in Hollywood. The flowers have a great aroma, but you have to get close to smell it. I tried eating the seeds once. Not good. I must have missed something in the preparations.

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