Malvaceae / Bombacaceae, Pseudobombax ellipticum – Mexico

Pseudobombax ellipticum, known in English as Shaving Brush tree (in reference to the flower) is native to Mexico and Central America where it is referred to variously as Acoque, amapola, árbol de doncellas, árbol de señoritas, calinchuche, jilinsuche, matías, pilinsuchil, pumpo, shaving bush, shilo, shilo blanco, shilo colorado. I took these photos in Mexico where it is called Clavelina.

Mature trees grow to about 60 ft developing an engorged, bottle trunk.

Please refer to these photos of the closely related Pseudobombax septanatum, from a previous post. P. septanatum is a somewhat larger version of P. ellipticum.

Here are previous entries on other plants in the Bombacaceae family, and since they have all merged, here are Sterculiaceae, and Malvaceae as well.

I’ll get photos of the flower.

Pseudobombax ellipticum leaf Pseudobombax ellipticum trunk

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