Phasmatodea, stickbug, walking stick – Jalisco, Mexico

I am no entomologist, but I do believe this is a stickbug. I took the photo on the Costa Careyes, Jalisco.

Please pass along any additional info via comment forum…

Stickbug, Mexico

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  1. Looks like one to me. We get them here and they are very big. We had one on our bbq and didn’t want to toast him so had to remove him and he really didn’t want to go. When they get excited they sway from side to side and wave their front legs in the air menacingly. I tipped him into a saucepan and dumped him unceremoniously over the deck into the clematis. Char grilled bbq smoke is great but “walking stick” bbq smoke? Not so great! 😉

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