Myrtaceae, Eugenia reinwardtiana, Cedar bay cherry – Jalisco, Mexico

Eugenia reinwardtiana is a large shrub / small tree native to the rainforest of N. Queensland, Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. I’ve written previous posts on a number of members of the Myrtaceae family and the Eugenia genus specifically. Click links or type family / genus into the search bar.

The fruit of E. reinwardtiana is edible with a taste and texture reminiscent of a cross between Cocoplum, (Chrysobalanus icaco) and Water apple (Syzygium). I took these photos on the Jalisco coast in Mexico where it is growing very well.

Eugenia reinwardtiana leaf Eugenia reinwardtiana fruit leaf

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  1. See that’s what I love about this blog…I had NO idea we have this fruit in Australia! I had to go halfway around the world to learn about it. I did learn about the gympi gympi plant on Facebook yesterday though, enough to learn that I am incredibly glad not to be living on the Queensland Atherton Tablelands! Check it out, it is seriously heinous!,-never-forgotten/

    1. Wow, fascinating article on gympie-gympie. Looks like it’s related to the temperate stinging nettle and another one called Ortiga, only the gympie sounds like its about a thousand times more powerful.

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