Arctostaphylos spp. – Sonoma, California

These three photos were taken from different wild plants growing in the hills just outside the town of Sonoma. There are around 30 Manzanita species and sub-species listed for Sonoma County, so it becomes challenging to be sure when trying to identify species growing outside of cultivation. To me they look like A. densiflora.

Any confirmation or correction appreciated in the comment forum.

Arctostaphylos densiflora leaf, flowerA number of Manzanita species are currently in full bloom.

Arctostaphylos densiflora leaf, flower

Arctostaphylos, Sonoma

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  1. I had a manzanita until the wallabies ate it :( Whatever they are they look exotic and something that we Aussies would pay a lot of money to buy. It amuses and delights me to see that they grow wild somewhere in the world :)

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