Arctostaphylos spp. ? – Sonoma, California

Any thoughts on what species of Manzanita this is?

Arctostaphylos densiflora, sonoma

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      1. The flowers (and leaves) are the clincher :). Cheers for that. I take it they love acidic soil then so if the wallabies had have left it alone, my Manzanita should have done well here :(

        1. They also have edible fruit and quite a diverse range of medicinal uses. Leaves of some species were even dried and smoked as a tobacco substitute by early settlers. Its a great group of plants ranging from super low groundcovers to trees.. I would imagine they’d do great where you are. I’m trying to simulate seed scarification by fire to some A. Glauca seeds. They’re notoriously tough to propagate from seed.

          1. I dare say they should respond. A lot of our natives do well after a fire scarification (a rite of passage 😉 ). The guy that I bought my Manzanita from seems to specialise in cold climate trees and shrubs with edible and medicinal uses. Never realised that when we were doing work experience with him but now we are hurling ourselves into food forest territory the shrubs and trees we bought from him keep coming up as useful inclusions (and tasty ones to the natives :( ). SO much to learn! Would be most grateful to see a small post about the treatment (fire) but I know time is short especially with your gorgeous new addition :)

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