Rhamnaceae, Ceanothus cuneatus, buckbrush

Ceanothus cuneatus

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    1. This one is more of a shrub, a wild variety. I’ve recently been getting interested in the Ceanothus genus. It’s incredibly diverse with tons of species, cultivars, varieties, and an impressive range of growth habits from super low groundcovers to small/med trees. Do you know what species you have? Seems like Tazmania would offer good conditions for many Ceanothus.

      1. I just tried to find out with a bit of a Google search and my guess is Ceanothus Pacific Blue. Looks just like what we have growing. It has the most vibrant electric blue flowers and is endemic to where you guys live. VERY drought tolerant and they are growing in silt with no additional water and keep on growing and flowering magnificently every single year. Well worth planting this genus to add that gorgeous range of desirable blues into landscapes :)

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