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0 thoughts on “Queen’s Beach in the evening – Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

  1. I love the image but the Heineken ad just stole your thunder Spencer. I have to say I LOVE heading to Anthropogen just to see the ads. I haven’t seen a boring ad in ages :).

    1. Aren’t you at least slightly tempted to click on those awesome adverts a few hundred thousand times so I can make a couple bucks.

      I’m actually going to see if I can get the adds removed entirely, despite the 5 dollars a year they’re effortlessly earning for me….

      1. I must admit I actually hate advertisement’s most of the time. They slow sites down, they jump around and distract you but for some reason they have been targeting your site with some great advertisement’s. I actually did click on it so you can expect your 0.000000000000000001c in the mail any day soon 😉

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