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0 thoughts on “Baby hypnotized by camera

  1. Yeah…good luck with that…if it works you will make a million selling it to dazed and bewildered first time parents ;). Today’s excellent little advertisment appears to be incredibly ironic…it’s a game where you have to chop down trees! I kid you not sir! The advert entices the advertee (that would be “moi”…) to use their mouse pointer that cleverly resembles an axe when you hover over the advert to “chop here” thus entering the magical world of deforestation…methinks they may have out-clevered themselves this time ;). Again, good luck with Tilia and I hope that you have both gravitated from take aways back to real food and that you might be occasionally getting the odd moment of sleep in between the wide eyed awareness of a most persistant Tilia. She certainly looks very interested in her world :)

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