An evolving tree seedbank for the UK

Below is a snippet and link to full article from the BBC concerning an initiative underway in the UK to establish a tree seed bank, coordinated by KEW’s Millennium Seed Bank and funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery…

From the BBC:

“The UK’s first national collection of tree seeds has been established, which scientists say is crucial as a growing array of pests threaten native species.

Co-ordinated by Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank, it aims to safeguard the genetic diversity of the UK’s tree flora.

The scheme will initially target 50 native species, including the common ash, which is under treat across Europe from ash dieback.

The project’s funding has been provided by the People’s Postcode Lottery.

In the last 10 years, we have seen an increasing threat to our trees from many newly arrived, often very aggressive, pests and diseases,” explained Paul Smith, head of Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank.

“In 2013, almost all of our favourite tree species – from oak to beech and ash – are affected.”

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  1. I read about Ash disease. Ashes are incredibly hardy tough trees that could grow on a slab of concrete. To see that something is able to take them down is scary!

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