Twenty-two photos of people taking photos – Venice, Italy

Below you will find a collection of photos I took of people taking photos in Venice, Italy. It is important to understand that the photos below weren’t taken over any considerable amount of time, they were all taken on the same day, within the same ten minute Sunday stroll around San Marco Square where many (if not all) visitors to Venice migrate to, for at least an afternoon.

Click individual photos to enlarge (recommended).

Photo quality varies due to the spontaneous, last-minute nature of taking photos of people taking photos.

After perusing the gallery below, please click this link to view previous photos in the Venice series.

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0 thoughts on “Twenty-two photos of people taking photos – Venice, Italy

  1. HA! Some of those people don’t even have ANY idea that they are in the process of getting famous on Anthropogen ;). Love the stance on photo 15…apparently you need a real WIDE stance to take a good shot…must remember that next time I visit venice 😉

    1. Maybe one of them is already following this site… that would be interesting. If that’s the case, would that someone please let me know. You’ll need to sign a model release.

  2. That’s a cool series – a lot of motion. Dad & I just landed. 2 different planes, 2 different Katerina back yet? Did the pie turn out?

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