Old window shutters – Venice, Italy


Although I am not in Venice anymore I thought I’d post a few photos I took there last week of these nicely aged shutters…

Coincidentally, I have a few previous pots with photos of similarly colored shutters. These are were taken in Kotor, Montenegro. And I took this photo of green shutters in Greece.

old window shutters, Venice, Italy

Old window shutters, venice, Italy

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  1. dude! you have the BEST life! I hope you are savoring and enjoying every single second of your fantastic travels and documenting your experiences in journals! I love how your generation approaches early adulthood, making exploration a priority!

  2. It’d be great to know what the source of the color was – some sort of copper? As you probably know old barns (in the US and elsewhere, I presume) were painted using cow’s blood.

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  3. I love brilliant colour. I was once told by a supercilious old lady that only young children and the mentally disabled were drawn to bright colours…I was well passed childhood at the time so I figure she many have been giving me a thinly veiled insult? 😉 If that is true then most of the Mediterranean is populated by children and the mentally infirm 😉 Love the photos :)

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