A few photos from Zagreb – Croatia


Here are a few photos I took while wandering around Zagreb a few days ago.

Church, Zagreb, Croatia

Road and buildings, Zagreb, Croatia

Staircase, Zagreb, Croatia

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0 thoughts on “A few photos from Zagreb – Croatia

  1. The first roof looks yarnbombed! What a beautiful roof! I love the perspective on that third photo and anyone who grafitti’s “The Cure” on a wall is alright by me! 😉

  2. Thanks for these beautiful shots. Love it! Enjoy your postings. Best regards.


  3. What great photos! It really gives me a feel for the city – makes me want to visit. How was the food?

    1. Food was great, I went to a small place called Trilojia, or something like that. Had some nice Croatian red wine, baked sardines, and sea bass with an interesting pistachio paste thing. Also tried a local mistletoe grappa. .

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