Farmer-led agroecology or corporate industrial agriculture…?

Here is an important article from the Guardian concerning deteriorating seed sovereignty in the face of corporate agendas to genetically modify, patent and control the use of the world’s seed supply.

Vandana Shiva: ‘Seeds must be in the hands of farmers’

Biodiversity campaigner accuses corporate giants of trying to take over the world’s seed supply through genetic engineering

By Mark Tran

Monday 25 February 2013 02.00 EST

Vandana Shiva shows no sign of fatigue despite an overnight flight from Delhi and an hour’s audience with Prince Charles before arriving at the Guardian, where she launches into her views on agriculture, food, biodiversity and “seed freedom”.

The Indian founder of Navdanya, which campaigns for biodiversity and against corporate control of food and seeds, says Africa is the battleground for two very different approaches to agriculture. One is the agroecological approach, based on the use of traditional seeds, diverse crops, trees and livestock, with smallholder farmers and the right to food at the core. The other is an industrial system based on monoculture, the use of fertilisers and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), where companies such as Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta, BASF and Dow are dominant.

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  1. It’s sometimes a stark reality check to read articles like these. We are NOT all that distant from our food chain and when we allow big business to dictate the processes, we are allowing them to take profit before our continued food security. We ALL need to be keeping an eye on these companies and voting to ensure that they don’t get more power than they already have. Keep them honest!

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