Bhutan bans pesticides to become world’s first country with wholly organic agriculture….

This interesting article from the Guardian focuses on Bhutan’s plan to ban the sale and use of pesticides and become the first and only nation in the world with all-organic agriculture…. below is a snippet from the article followed by a link to the original

“Bhutan plans to become the first country in the world to turn its agriculture completely organic, banning the sales of pesticides and herbicides and relying on its own animals and farm waste for fertilisers.

But rather than accept that this will mean farmers of the small Himalayan kingdom of around 1.2m people (according to Pema Gyamtsho, Bhutan’s minister of agriculture and forests; the World Bank estimates it at around 740,000) will be able to grow less food, the government expects them to be able to grow more – and to export increasing amounts of high quality niche foods to neighbouring India, China and other countries…”

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    argylesock says… I wonder what the Bhutanese people think or feel about this. Their country is described here as a ‘kingdom’ – does that mean that their ban on herbicides and pesticides has been imposed from above? Call me cynical but I hope these people aren’t about to face something like China’s Great Leap Forward under Chairman Mao.

  2. Banning Pesticide sounds like a farsighted and smart decision. Last time I heard about Buthan was as they introduced Gross Happiness Index into their policy indicators. This is a matter on which the OECD is working hard since years and a necessary step for western societies to overcome GDP as a measure for progress. I would like to know more independent information on how the Happiness Index in Buthan works or not. Huffington Post reported once on that.

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