Bee alighting on Eperua falcata flower – Panama


Going through photo archives this morning, I found this photo I took a number of years ago in Panama of a native bee landing on an Eperua falcata flower. Here is a previous post on Eperua falcata, the Bootlace Tree.

bee alighting on Eperua falcata flower

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  1. We are doing everything that we can to attract beneficials and bees on Serendipity Farm and are about to plant a lot of wildflowers so that they have plenty of food when they get here. We have bumble bees (I had never seen them before we moved to Tassie) and european bees as well as the little native stingless bees that all do their bit to pollinate and share the love around. This bee looks like a wasp! I don’t mind wasps…the locals kill them but they don’t hassle us at all and so long as you don’t wave your arms around menacingly at them they just go about their duty eating pest species so as far as I am concerned, wasps are beneficials too! I often watch them at the bird baths as I fill them up…they drink while I fill… a symbiotic relationship :)

  2. As I look at the flower structure and the lighting fragments reflected off of the bee, I believe that this photo was not only taken in Panama as you state but more than likely taken at Summit Park north of Panama City.

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