Apocynaceae, Tabernamontana spp. – Panama



Here’s a black and white photo I took a few years ago in Panama of a Tabernamontana species (not sure which one). Please let me know if you know what it might be…

Tabernamontana is a large genus including a number of important medicinal plants. The Apocynaceae family is one of my favorite plant families. Here are some previous posts on other members of Apocynaceae.

Tabernamontana spp., Aponcynaceae

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  1. Are frangipani members of this family? We have an Australian native frangipani that has pretty nondescript flowers but has the most amazing scent especially at night time. A wonderful tree to grow and one that we can grow here in Tasmania in a frost free place :)

    1. Yes, frangipani are in the Apocynaceae family. They have very similar flowers to many of the Tabernamontana species. Do the Tasmanian native frangipani grow very large? The biggest frangipani I’ve seen were in Kenya on the coast, but I’m not sure if they’re native, although they seem to be quite widespread there.

      1. Hymenosporum flavum isn’t a Tassie native, but a rainforest native from Queensland down to Northern N.S.W. It will pretty much grow anywhere though (we have them down here) and it grows up to 20 metres high so not all that huge but the flowers have an amazing scent that carries for a long distance on a warm night…gorgeous scented things :)

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