Seed and leaf of unknown identity


I took this these photos last week in Jalisco, Mexico. I have yet to ID this tree species. Any help/suggestions from visitors to this site would be greatly appreciated. IMG_6022

And a photo of the seedpod below.

Seed and leaf of unknown identity


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  1. Check with Burl Mostul of Rare Plant Research in Oregon City Oregon……. he travelled through there for years collecting seeds etc and knows all the trees pretty well.He has a nursery in Oregon too. I think I know the tree as well but i just can’t recall its name at the moment. I’ll see if I can find my book that I think has it. in the meantime see if you can send Burl, the photos.

  2. I’m always hesitant to reply to ID requests since my knowledge base is lesser than those who’ve studied and travelled extensively, but this time I’ll go out on a limb 😉

    My best guess is based on my memory of a discussion we had in MG class last winter concerning a tropical tree known as Ant Acacia I googled that common name but could find no botanical name coinciding with it (one result even showed a tree with completely incorrect leaves! .)
    Take a look at this link, though; it could possibly be a Jarrataderas Tree:

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