More Sterculia africana, seeds and seedpod – Kenya


Here’s a brief follow-up to a post I put up a few days ago on Sterculia africana. I took a few more photos of the seed and seedpod.

Close-up photo of the seeds below with interesting bright red coloring on the ends where they attach to the pod (I forget the technical/botanical name for this). You can see why they are often referred to as “tick tree”.

Sterculia africana, seed

In the photo below you can observe how the seed attach to the pod. Note the fine fiberglass-like hairs… Seeds must be removed with care so as to not cover ones hands with the hairs, which are irritating and can be difficult to remove.

Sterculia africana, seedpod

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  1. Looks and acts a lot like our endemic Brachychitons…wonder if it’s a relative? Is it edible? Most Brachychitons have edible seeds and the local Aboriginals roasted them and made a coffee substitute out of them

      1. Mine too…we grew heaps of Brachychiton when we first started propagating plants and we are just about to plant them along a fenceline on Serendipity Farm. We were incredibly happy to see a poor long suffering overgrown Brachychiton that we rescued from being totally smothered by vinca, flower it’s heart out this year :) It’s rewards like that, that keep us going :)

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