Hericium racemosum (coralloides?) – Mt. Tamalpais, California

Here is a photo of Hericium racemosum (or is it coralloides?) that I found yesterday. This particular mushroom genus has exceptionally min-boggling appearance and growth habits… note the thousands of small icicle-like  hanging spines. This is an edible and excellent tasting mushroom species found on rotting tree trunks. Other Hericium species I’ve found in this area include H. abieties and H. erinaceus, click links to view previously posted photos. Please let me know if you believe I’ve incorrectly identified any of these.

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0 thoughts on “Hericium racemosum (coralloides?) – Mt. Tamalpais, California

  1. Edible you say? It’s all over the place here in Tasmania…might have to take a guide along with me though as I dare say its evil doppleganger poison mushroom would be my pick of choice should I be left to hunt unattended 😉

      1. I could show Steve this comment but he would refuse to allow me to eat this fungi…I think I am going to have to study mycology at university so that I can be an expert on the subject before I will be able to eat fungi with impunity :)

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