Erythroxylaceae, Erythroxylum mannii – Gabon, Central West Africa

Here’s a photo of Erythroxylum mannii, a medium sized tree found along the savanna edge and in the Marantaceae forests of Lope reserve in Gabon. E. mannii can grow up to 30 m tall with an 80 cm diameter. This is a close relative of Erythroxylum coca, the South American shrub/small tree of ethnobotanical/Coca-Cola/cocaine fame. Click here for a previously posted article on E. coca. Here is a photo of another Erythroxylum species from Jalisco, Mexico, which I have yet to identify…

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  1. wow..I have read your profile …so cool!!! The idea of this blog is amazing! When did you go to Gabon? I am going the during my up coming Trans-africa trip as a solo female traveler;)…Hope to get a lot of good picture;)..BUt definitely not as unique as your:))

    Sorry to have drop a link in here but don’t allow to log in:(( So weird:)) Will come by from time to time;))

    1. I go to Gabon quite frequently, was just there a few weeks ago and will most likely return next month. Remember to sort your visa out before you go. It can be tricky.

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