Guttiferaceae (Clusiaceae), Garcinia spp. – Libreville, Gabon, Central West Africa

Here are some photos of a Garcinia species I found and photographed yesterday in Libreville (capital city of Gabon). It was growing in the parking lot of a police station. It’s not widely known here, however a young man I spoke to said that the tree could be found occasionally in homegardens (not in the forest) of the village he is from in the eastern part of Gabon. He also mentioned that there was a similar fruit from the forest which was much bigger, I imagine this could be Garcinia cola.

I’m not sure if this is the same species as this other Garcinia species I posted a few weeks ago, also growing in Libreville. They are very similar and both bear resemblance to G. tinctoria, Gamboge. Its possible that these three are just different varieties of the same species. Here are some photos of G. tinctoria tree and fruit, which I photographed years ago at Summit Botanical gardens outside Panama City.

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