Lamiaceae, Salvia hispanica, Chia

Here are some photos of Salvia hispanica, Chia (of chia pet fame). I took these last year when visiting Gabriel Howearth’s Buena Fortuna Botanical Gardens in S. Baja, Mexico. I’ll post some additional information on the plant, its origins and edible properties later today.

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5 thoughts on “Lamiaceae, Salvia hispanica, Chia

    1. I think they’d do great in your climate. It originated in the western USA, all along the california coast to mexico. It was a major staple food of indigenous groups in the area. Extremely nutritious. I tossed a few handfuls around on the hillside around my house in california on my last visit and they’re all growing now. Very drought tolerant when established….

      1. Excellent! We need drought tolerant species here because we have an extended dry period over summer. We don’t get frost here we are right on the river and close to the sea (up the top of the map of Tasmania pointing to the mainland) but that dry period soon sorts out the drought tolerant plants from the wimps I can tell you! I eat chia and never thought that we would be able to grow it here. Thank you very much for this information. We will be seeding all over the place this year :)

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