Apocynaceae, Tabernathe iboga – Gabon, Central West Africa

Below are some photos of the leaf, young fruit, flower bud and flower of Tabernathe iboga, an entheogen and medicinal plant from Central West Africa. I took these photos in Gabon. See this previous T. iboga post for more photos and information on the species.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m afraid the answer to your question is not very straight forward. I suggest you read through my previous post on T. iboga, which offers a general overview. There is plenty more information available on the cultural use and significance of this plant, both past and present. The range of medicinal and ritual functions of this plant are quite broad.


  1. I commend your work on iboga. I am a Nigerian, interested in herbal cures and, would love to have some root bark and live plants of this wonder plant. Is there any hope in this regard? My best regards to you.

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