Sterculia leaves as animal forage – Vietnam

A few days ago I was pruning a few branches from some large Sterculia foetida trees, a number of cattle from nearby wandered over and began to feed on the leaves until they were gone. This species of Sterculia, like many others, has a number of uses, such as edible seeds (which taste like peanuts and can be eaten raw or toasted). The sap is also bled from the trunk and consumed by local villagers. Apparently it also has potential as a cattle forage. The tree grows rapidly from seed or large cuttings, occasionally used for living fence posts in this area of the country. The tree is highly drought tolerant and evergreen. When mature it produces an abundance of seed pods, the contents of which are sold at local markets. Here’s a previous post on this Sterculia species. And more previous posts on other members of the Sterculiaceae family, which includes cacao, cola nut, and the Panama tree, among others.

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