Vietnamese Seafood Shack – Vinh Hy, Vietnam

This floating restaurant sits on a small, isolated beach near the rural fishing village Vinh Hy.

See name below.

Observe the netted compartments, sunken into the floor. They’re routinely stocked with an array of live fish, lobster, shellfish, and so forth, harvested from the surrounding bay.

Tell the owner what you want to eat and he’ll grab a net, throw on a mask and jump in.

He swims around for a few minutes and surfaces with your food.

Here’s the fish he caught for me.

Then he beat it over the head with a 2 X 4 until it lay still.

Momentarily it reappeared, served with a plate of herbs (cilantro, lettuce, basil, mint), and very thin rice and sesame pancakes, all combined in spring rolls and dipped in chili sauce.

He also served up these incredible shellfish, which weren’t oysters, and they weren’t abalone, but something inbetween.

These sea snails were pretty good too. Eaten with a toothpick and dipped in a sauce made from lime, salt, pepper and chili.

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