Cornaceae, Cornus mas, European Cornel – Slovenia

Cornus mas is a species of dogwood, native to S. Europe and Southwest Asia. The fruit tastes like something between a sour cherry and cranberry, turns dark red when ripe. The fruit is used to make jams, sauces (similar to cranberry sauce). In Montenegro I found concentrated juice sold in the market. I took this photo in the Ljubljana botanical garden

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  1. Cornus kousa has much tastier fruit. It is similar to “Jamacian strawberry” (Muntinga calabra(sp?)) in flavor and texture. The fruits are much larger. The pulp near the skin and the skin can be bitter…

    C. mas is a popular landscape plant in the US. Most landscape varieties (or even non-orchard varieties) fruit poorly if at all.

  2. We have various cornus here on Serendipity Farm because they are incredibly hardy. The bonus of fruit that can be used for making jam and for native birds is an added plus

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