Fabaceae, Brownea macrophylla, Rosa de Monte, Cuchillito

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  1. hola! so, i’m tad/noel/thaddeus’ little sister and i’m living in panama for six months on a high school exchange and he said I should say hi to you. :) email me!

    1. I don’t think its edible, I’ll have to check. It may be. But its a nitrogen fixer. A great understory tree. Incredible when in bloom. The newly flushed out leaves are amazing too. I think its also called the handkerchief tree. There are a number of other species in the genus.

      1. AH! I almost bought some seed for it from a source in Queensland (one that is brave enough to sell to we poor customs enslaved Tasmanians that is :(…) but after seeing it was tropical I decided against it. Might give it a go anyway. We have a massive Cassia bicapsularis growing mental on the property and could do with some more fabaceae species. We have a bit of tagasastes (Chamaecytisus palmensis syn. proliferus) that is struggling to get past sapling stage but we need to plant nitrogen fixers to replace years of neglect. We are more appreciative than you know for sharing the information that you share online. Its more than invaluable, its precious. Thank you again :)

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