Eviscerated Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)

Previously weighing about 40 pounds, this jackfruit yielded 60+ seeds. An excellent variety. Tomorrow I’ll bring them to the nursery and begin the germination process.

jackfruit deconstruction

Below: After deconstructing the jackfruit I selected thirty of the largest and healthiest looking seeds, which I have planted into two containers for germination. The idea is to create an environment that both facilitates germination and creates some degree of competition (for space, light, nutrients) amongst individual seedlings. I won’t transplant all thirty of these seeds after they have germinated. I will probably eliminate around a half or a third of the young trees, those which demonstrate a slower then average germination and growth rate. The seedlings that I do not eliminate will each be transplanted into their respective bags providing sufficient room for healthy root development. The seedlings I do eliminate will simply be turned back into compost; converted into food for nursery trees.

thirty jackfruit seeds

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